Grant awarded to support COST Action CA18106 genetics

Assistant professor Dr Per Qvist receives €270,000 grant from the Lundbeck Foundation allowing collection of biosamples, molecular extraction, and generation of genotyping and metabolomics profiles within the Action.

Assistant Professor Per Qvist from Aarhus University/Aalborg University receives ~€270,000 from the Lundbeck Foundation to identify trait-associated molecular signatures for precision psychiatry using CA18106 data. The project, which will be carried out between March 2022 – April 2024, will combine CA18106 data with genetic and blood metabolite profiles from participants, in order to create a deep phenotyping resource that can be probed for genotype-phenotype associations. Particularly, the project aims at identifying traits associated with psychiatry-relevant polygenic scores (PRS) calculated from Genome-wide Association Studies (GWASs) – including pathway-specific PRSs (PSPS) based on candidate molecular networks. Ultimately, the aim is to produce a basis for more precise diagnosis of the individual patient than is possible today – and, thus, to promote the potential for personalized therapies. While the focus of the project is clinical, data and results will eventually be made available to be linked to the consciousness-related experiments within CA18106, thus having broad relevance across the Action.”The grant goes towards collection of biosamples, molecular extraction, generation of genotyping and metabolomics profiles as well as staffing and computational resources for the analyses. For more information about the grant and the project, please go HERE.

Grant infographic

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