Special call for STSM applications


The STSM committee has decided to give special priority to STSMs to participate in joint project activities at the University of Malta from Sept 1 – 21 2021. The primary purpose of the STSMs will be to work jointly on the analysis of data collected at the Action’s first data collection site (Aarhus University), and the primary candidates are thus researchers who are or will be involved in a substantial part of the analysis of that data. This will typically be researchers who aim to publish an article linking data from a particular behavioural experiment to MRI data.

STSM Details

More information on STSMs in general within the Action can be found HERE. To apply, follow the standard procedure and note the special requirements listed in this call. We encourage potential applicants to apply before July 1 2021 as we will process applications around that time and only accept further applications if funding allows.


For questions about applying in general, contact STSM coordinator, Dr Jordi Solé-Casals (jordi.sole [at] uvic.cat).
For questions about the visit, contact local host Dr Claude Bajada (claude.bajada [at] um.edu.mt).
For questions about eligibility or other questions, contact Action Chair Dr Kristian Sandberg (kristian.sandberg [at] clin.au.dk).