Melanie Wilke

Melanie Wilke, professor of cognitive neurology at Georg-August-Universität Göttingen, Director of the department of Cognitive Neurology and Head of the MR-Research Unit. Her current research focuses on the question how thalamic nuclei and cortical areas interact during visual perception and decision making. Another line of research is concerned with the neural mechanisms underlying spatial neglect, which is a frequent and severe consequence of brain damage in humans. Specifically, she is investigating pathological and compensatory changes in large-scale brain networks in human stroke patients by means of imaging (DTI, fMRI) and stimulation (tACS, tDCS, TMS) methods. Her group develop and employ monkey models of spatial neglect to study the underlying neural mechanisms by means of fMRI, electrophysiological recordings, inactivation and stimulation techniques with the goal to develop new therapeutic interventions.